SCSG Ladies Wellness Retreats

Every year SCSG treats women who have been affected by cancer to an all-inclusive wellness retreat for five days and four nights in the NSW south coast. Attendees are a combination of cancer patients, survivors and their carers. Participants are selected based on an expression of interest.  The accommodation is provided free of charge to Sisters Cancer Support Group, by OTIS Foundation. The retreat is a great opportunity for the ladies to re-charge, recover, and reconnect.

The retreat is a structured program run by SCSG trained facilitators and has been developed with the support of the health care staff.  The program introduces women to a holistic approach to health, based on the ESSENCE model of health.

The ladies participate in a full day of educational  and practical activities, and of course given plenty of time to wind down and enjoy their surroundings and the company. Some of the activities the ladies are part of during the retreat include:

  • Sunrise Qigong ( Gentle exercise)
  • Afternoon mindfulness sessions
  • Walks on the beach
  • Nutrition sessions
  • Healthy cooking workshops
  • Stress management workshops
  • Exploring world traditions in health
  • Exploration of local area sites and attractions
  • Sharing circles

Currently the SCSG has dedicated resources to an annual retreat, we would love to make it possible to offer the retreat more frequently. If you would like to donate to the retreat please donate to SCSG ref: Wellness retreat. Visit our donation page for more details.

All attendees are required to have medical clearance to attend.