Sisters Cancer Support Group

Sisters’ Cancer Support Group (SCSG) is a community based, not-for-profit, registered charity organisation that provides support for women from multicultural backgrounds who are affected by cancer.  We understand a cancer diagnosis affects not just the patient but the whole family and community. We support the cancer patients as well as their families and friends. 


Getting on with life after treatment may not be as easy. We understand you’re not the same person after a cancer diagnosis, and will help support you after this life changing experience


Sisters Cancer Support Group (SCSG) is a community based, non for profit organisation that provides support for women from Multicultural communities affected by cancer.


SCSG is the first Multicultural specific cancer support group registered with Cancer Council NSW and Breast Cancer Network Australia ( BCNA).


We understand that a cancer diagnosis affects not only the patient but the family and the community. We work to support both the patient and their family and friends.

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What We Do

Monthly Cancer Support Groups

The monthly support group are held over morning tea. The purpose of the support group is to provide a safe, sensitive and culturally appropriate environment where participants can:

· SHARE their thoughts and their personal experiences of their cancer journey

· GIVE and RECEIVE social, emotional and spiritual support

· LEARN about cancer prevention, treatment and management.

Promote Cultural Awareness

SCSG works closely with cancer service providers and in promoting cultural awareness in their service development and delivery.

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