ESSENCE Health Model

All Sisters' Cancer Support Group© activities are built upon the ESSENCE of health model (by Dr. Craig Hassad from Monash University), which is focused on a holistic approach to health and wellness.  The ESSENCE model is an acronym which stands for:

E  -  Education
S -  Support
S -  Spirituality
E -  Exercise
N - Nutrition
C - Connectedness
E – Environment

EWe will provide quality education and information on the nature of cancer, its treatments and its prevention to empower women surviving cancer, and their carers and enable them to make informed healthy choices and living which will in turn promote healing and wellness.

SWe will provide a place and time where women and carers can meet to feel that their experiences are their own and to share with others who understand that they are not alone in their cancer journey and the importance of stress management

SWe honour and draw on the gifts of our spiritual life to empower us to live with grace and strength through the teachings and enlightenment of our faith.

EWe embrace the gift of our body to provide us with joy, health and release to manage pain and feel strong. We will engage in healthy physical activity that empowers our bodies to heal.

NWe will provide advice and education on healthy foods that promote healing and wellbeing. We will provide education and information to choose healthy nutrition for ourselves and our families for cancer prevention and health.

CWe will provide a place where women and their carers can feel supported, safe and engaged in a community that understand their cancer journey from diagnosis to recovery to be assured you are not alone.

EWe will provide advice and practical support about the effects of environment on health- where we learn and share our knowledge of what is helpful and not helpful from the world around us to our health and wellbeing in our cancer journey.