About Us

Sisters Cancer Support Group (SCSG) is a community based, non for profit organisation that provides support for women from Multicultural communities affected by cancer.

SCSG is the first Multicultural specific cancer support group registered with Cancer Council NSW and Breast Cancer Network Australia ( BCNA).

We understand that a cancer diagnosis affects not only the patient but the family and the community. We work to support both the patient and their family and friends.

Our Vision

"To improve the quality of life of women from multicultural communities affected by cancer."

Our Mission

"Supporting each other in our cancer journey."

Our Core Values


SCSG’s executive committee members are committed to advocate and empower the women in the Multicultural community who are affected by Cancer.


SCSG recognises the importance of connecting people and organisations; encouraging collaborative relationships to deliver effective outcomes for individuals and communities.


SCSG works from the premise of mutual respect, understanding and responsiveness to individual needs and cultural differences. CARE and trust are the core values to how we work.


Sharing is the fundamentals of all the activities we provide in our support group. Working closely with women affected by cancer, health professionals and organisations.

Our Strategic Direction


Our strategic direction is:

    • To be the voice for the multicultural community in the cancer arena
    • To reach out to all the diverse multicultural communities in Australia
    • To help set up and mentor new support groups
    • To maintain and expand our cancer support programs

For all our activities we utilises the “ESSENCE of Health” model of holistic care. This model focuses on a wellness approach to living with cancer. It promotes an educational, supportive and therapeutic approach to healing and empowerment for our ladies. The elements of the ESSENCE model, (advocated by Dr Craig Hassed, Monash University), is adapted for the ‘Sisters Cancer Support Group’. The ESSENCE model is an acronym which stands for:

E  -  Education
S -  Support
S -  Spirituality
E -  Exercise
N - Nutrition
C - Connectedness
E – Environment

We would like to stress that Sisters’ Cancer Support groups’ mission is “Supporting each other in our cancer journey”.

We are here to help you in your journey. You are not alone!

Please contact us if you have further questions.

What we do

Monthly Cancer Support Groups

The monthly support group are held over morning tea. The purpose of the support group is to provide a safe, sensitive and culturally appropriate environment where participants can:

  • SHARE their thoughts and their personal experiences of their cancer journey
  • GIVE and RECEIVE social, emotional and spiritual support
  • LEARN about cancer prevention, treatment and management.

Promote Cultural Awareness

SCSG works closely with cancer service providers and in promoting cultural awareness in their service development and delivery.