Our History

Founder of SCSG unexpectedly struck with breast cancer in 2013

May 3, 2013

The founder of Sisters’ Cancer Support Group, Mrs Nyan Thit Tieu is a Burmese Muslim who migrated to Australia in 1977.  She resided in Wollongong and worked as Operations Manager with NSW Adult Migrant Education Service for over 30 years. In her retirement at the age of 66, she was

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Thit shares her story

February 1, 2014

During my cancer treatment and healing journey, I attended all cancer support services available in Wollongong and found that women from the diverse cultural backgrounds are invisible; their voices are silent in the cancer arena. My personal experience was that the mainstream support groups are not equipped to provide for

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SCSG is founded

October 22, 2014

Armed with this experience and knowledge I founded the Sisters’ Cancer Support Group with the help from a dynamic group of young Muslim women. Our initial aim was to help fill the gap in cancer treatment and recovery support for the women in culturally and linguistically diverse community. The Sisters’

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Dedicated volunteers join SCSG

December 1, 2014

SCSG is run by a very dynamic and amazingly capable group of young Muslim women from diverse cultural backgrounds. This includes Burmese, Nigerian, Lebanese, Malaysian, Moroccan and Turkish.  They are an educated and creative group of young women, all of whom are working mums with young families, they donate their precious

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An executive committee is formed

December 15, 2014

Understanding that the SCSG needs to be more than ‘just another group’, we set about structuring the group with strong governance and experienced executive committee.  Our support group facilitators are trained by BCNA and Cancer Council NSW. Moreover, the SCSG is guided by an expert board of advisors , which

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Monthly meet ups are established

January 22, 2015

As a group we meet monthly over morning tea to share stories, information and experiences, in a welcoming environment. Based on the needs of the group, we organise guest speakers and activities that promote a holistic healthy lifestyle.

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